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Zoom Anti-Apartheid Week in Palestine
أسبوع مقاومة الآبارتهايد الإسرائيلي لأول مرّة في فلسطين
03.12.11 4
Zoom Scary Clown

Scary Clown

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فلسطين تغني لمصر

02.09.11 5

ميدان التحرير صاخب


وجب قول وفعل ما يلي

02.08.11 2
Zoom Banksy يريد إسقاط النظام

Banksy يريد إسقاط النظام

02.07.11 1
Zoom تحية من فلسطين إلى مصر

تحية من فلسطين إلى مصر

02.05.11 9

أنا الشعب ماشي وعارف طريقي / الشيخ إمام عيسى

I am the people walking and I know my way / Sheikh Imam Issa

Singing the Revolution by Sinan Antoon

02.04.11 1

الموت بالحرية نوم عفراش ال-ت-حرير

لأن الحرية تنطلق من ميدان التحرير

02.03.11 0

A video that Mubarak & his gang wouldn’t be happy to share with the world,


Jan 28, Friday of Anger.

02.02.11 4
we are not leaving until Mubarak leaves

An Egyptian blogger says:


Live from Tahrir Square in Cairo Egyptians announce it to the whole world:”We are strongly motivated, we are not leaving until Mubarak leaves, don’t believe Egyptian TV”.., Please share the message!!

02.02.11 4

Arab artists are inspired these days.

Photo1- Before Jan 25, After Jan 25: Dictatorship affects your reproductive health.

Photo2- This is not a barrier of course. […] This is a Tunisian man after two weeks of liberty.

by Muhannad Abu Ghosh

02.01.11 3


Watch : Live stream of Al-Jazeera English

Egyptian Bloggers

Egyptian News Websites

Arabic Language Websites (Thank you Political Notebook)


Social Network Aggregation & Live Reports


Video Feeds


Internet Liberation

Ham Radio

Ground Resources

Background and Additional Reading

This post will be updated as more resources become available

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Since it’s not just a facebook revolution.

Well said by an anti-government protester at Tahir Squar; Jan 31, 2011 

This content is sharable of course, you’re invited to spread the word.

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Zoom يا مصر قومي وشدي الحيل..كل اللي تتمنيه عندي!
عاشت الثورة..إقتربت ساعة النظام!

يا مصر قومي وشدي الحيل..كل اللي تتمنيه عندي!

عاشت الثورة..إقتربت ساعة النظام!

01.28.11 11
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